Luxurious and disturbing at the same time, the sculptural creations of American artist Doreen Garner suggest other forms of life and mutation and remind us of the strangeness and wonder of our own bodies.

By ribosomian labyrinths guarded, amino acid whimpers and pushes, so eager to please. Court is held between melanocyte walls. Here is Klerokinosis the rule of the land, a stalwart to all lecherous mutations. Lips of coral slide in corridors to pronounce royal edicts, may the Telomeres be guarded by the divine helix. Yet not all is well, the riches are many, the hands are few. Unrest unfolds across the endoplasmic reticulum and talks of revolution are heard, from subcutaneous to hepatic ducts. Eccrine glands suck on branching bronchus, myelin sheaths worn by lowly fascia superficialis. Anarchy arrives, terrifying and swift, like a telophase in the night.


All Rights Reserved to Doreen Garner

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