TAKT was founded by Brent Dunn and Katharina Hendel and was built on previous architectural experience in Australia, Indonesia, Germany, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic. The studio is based on the Illawarra Coal Coast north of Wollongong, in Moruya on the South Coast, Australia. TAKT specializes in custom designed, site and client specific architecture with experience in residential and small scale commercial and community projects. Their works have received multiple architecture awards and have been published widely across Australia and internationally.

Drawing Room is an adjunct to Takt’s studio. This pavilion hosts a meeting space, coffee kitchen and amenities. An evolved offspring of the studio’s construction, it solves a multitude of challenges in a tiny footprint. Fully operable to the garden, its openings can be adjusted to take advantage of the benign Illawarra climate, when it turns into an inhabited verandah. In winter the garden outlook is filtered through simple translucent shutters. A flexible space for thinking, sharing and dreaming.

Built by Takt – Brent Dunn, Tom Gray, Daniel Rivers, Katharina Hendel, Yves Marie Elies


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