The Drifter Hotel recently opened in New Orleans’ Mid-City neighbourhood, close to the French Quarter, with exterior work completed by Joel Ross of Concordia Architecture and interiors renovated by Nicole Cota Studio.

This mid-century modern building has become a boutique hotel, with tropical colours and vibrant textures. Nicole Cota Studio, which has offices in New Orleans and New York, used roughly troweled concrete and tiles sourced from Oaxaca to update the hotel’s 20 rooms. Bedrooms are made from dark-wood boards and include custom furniture pieces. A bar in the lobby has a counter wrapped in small white tiles, which also cover thin pillars that reach up to the ceiling. At the back, a pool area with a brick terrace is used for relaxing and hosting events. Features include a giant disco ball, an indoor/outdoor bar and a wall designed to reference the work of Mexican architect Luis Barragán.

“Inspired by the Beat Generation and footloose spirit of postwar America, the Drifter hotel combines streamline modernism and eclectic design, creating a playful new enclave on an industrial stretch of Tulane Avenue in New Orleans.”


All Rights Reserved to Concordia Architecture, Nicole Cota Studio

(via dezeen)

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