DUNALIELLA_Sebastian Wicksell

Since he was a child, Sebastian has always enjoyed to take apart products, to inspect, to modify, to put them back together again.  Now he is keen on digital fabrication and he already created his cnc mills and 3d printer. His inspiration comes often from new technologies or science, this is how he came up with the idea to use algae in his project Dunaliella:



“We all know that rising carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere are harming our environment, but they are also directly affecting us humans.We spend around 90% of our time indoors, where CO2 can build up. A buildup of 3-8 times that of outdoor CO2 levels can have adverse health effects such as reduced cognitive performance, drowsiness and headaches. Dunaliella is a bioreactor for the work environment; it helps lowering indoor CO2 concentrations through photosynthesising algae in the glass tank.”

In the future he wants to enjoy life and he hopes to combine his passion for design with machines and digital fabrication.

So good luck and thank you Sebastian!


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