Edicola Radetzky is a newsstand of the early twentieth century, in Milan, Viale Gorizia, given to the Zone 6 Milan Council for “Project Ideal City” to make “the new cultural center of the dock, with exhibitions and external projects program”.

Prima Stagione – first season – is the first series of solo exhibitions that will inaugurate the space and it will run until December 2016. The programme started with the installation by Daniele Carpi curated by Andrea Lacarpia. “A bust of Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria, a metaphor of power in a particular historical moment, is absorbed by the organic vitality of the forest through the action of mosses and plants, affecting their proud and authoritarian aspect. The Edicola interior is transformed into a sudden and exotic space, a small wood that breaks the continuity of the urban scenery to open reflections on the cyclical nature of the biological and cultural processes “. The installation will be displayed until May 26.


(via Domus)

Images by Maurangelo Quagliarella


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