Having spent a decade inside Egil Sæbjörnsson’s mind, his two Troll friends, Ūgh and Bõögâr, have now taken full control of the Icelandic Pavilion appointing themselves as the real artists of the show.

It is a well-known fact that objects are indeed alive. There’s that cup of coffee over there, winking and making your mind bubble. Outside there are traffic lights ruling like ancient gods, in the garden people have gone to sleep becoming stones, you still hear them dream. What is not so certain is what happens when you take the next step as you walk, so many variables, will the floor collapse? Will gravity stop working and never come back? Are you even thinking all this? Are these YOUR thoughts? Or are there dangerous Icelandic spirits whispering in your ears, having invaded your home after reading these lines? Don’t let the thought eat at you, or properly devour you.



Below you can find a selection of previous works from the artist

All Rights Reserved to Egil Sæbjörnsson

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