THE COAST is an architecture and design office inspired by “a childhood home by the sea in Hong Kong. The name reflects an ideology in creating spaces and objects found in balance – between playfulness and restraint, between narrative and form, between history and modernity – akin to the ever-changing constant coming and going of tides.”
The Coast was founded in 2018 by Paul Chan, architect and designer born and raised in Hong Kong but grown up in New York City. One of his latest project is Either/Or Pendant, a product inspired by the poetic tactility of Kusari-doi (鎖樋) – the ornate linked chains used to spout rainwater from the eaves of Japanese temples


The object elicits an ethereal beauty with soft ambient lighting akin to rainwater glittering as it washes down a delicate chain. A vertical assembly of precisely engineered steel frames connected by fine-spun gold chains, Either/Or Pendant is motion activated – each module adjusting in brightness as users move their hand near the light. The pendant comes in four finishes and is readily customizable in length to adjust to various environments.

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(via the coast.studio)

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