Born in 1986, Nynke Koster is a Dutch visual artist, that in 2013 graduated from the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague. Her graduation project was called Coexist and involed making casts of Lorenzo Ghilberti’s doors “porta del paradiso”; main part of the building the academy is housed in.

Her new project, Elements of Time, focuses on architectural fragments of time. Using rubber molds, Nynke created furniture based on ornamental parts of buildings, examining ornamentation in architecture through ages. By sitting on a Nynke’s stool, you basically take a place on a Baroque ceiling; molds are transformed into autonomous objects that you can sit on. All items are handmade by the artist, in her studio. She took courses in Aesthetics and Philosophy and they allow her to look at art in a different way. Her ambition is to use this technique to rediscover architectural history worldwide. Her maximum goal is to make people understand that what she is doing is not furniture making in the practical sense.


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