Emotional First Aid Kit is a collection of five objects conceived by the designer Rui Sun, graduate of the MA Industrial Design programme at London’s Central Saint Martins; the kit is intended to provide comfort in times of mental distress.

The aim of the toolkit is to show that our emotional health is equally as important as our physical state. She designed five objects, each one with a specific function: The Purple Breathing Mask allows the users to think clearly in intense situations through a calming perfume. The Indigo Third Eyeglasses helps to think in a different way – conceptually speaking – through their three lenses. The Yellow Confidence Booster is a super-light padded jacket that helps people who “lack the confidence to solve dilemmas or address a situation”. The collection is completed with the Blue Stress Buster, a portable speaker that visualises sound with blue ink, and the Green Meditating Stethoscope that helps the users to tune into their breath and meditate.


All Rights Reserved to Rui Sun

(via dezeen)

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