Harbingers of anarchic humor aiming to shake some intellectual borders, the bi national collaborators Nissinen (Finland) and Mellors (UK) have invaded the Finnish Pavilion at the Biennale with talking eggs and acid laughter.

Savior in a box, protecting the national borders of your inner space. Head in the bucket circle red harrow minded. The neanderthal is just putting an act, way to impress a curator my dude! Stepping out of the indo-european language, a trip to share with geese and dogs, maybe change their material conditions? Yet here comes the Sacrophage, a wanker of sorts, too much in-the-nose metaphoric heavy handedness . Kids these days just wanna spin that flat circle, see Mr Pops rip those natives a new ones. In the center a white figure embodies the parallax view, clothes provided by Angry Birds®



Below a selection of previous works from the artists


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