EWE is a design studio based in Mexico City, dedicated to creating handcrafted limited edition sculptural and functional objects. The studio philosophy is the preservation and advancement of Mexico’s rich artisan heritage, and the use of new mediums and languages for the execution of each piece. “With a desire to reflect tradition as part of the natural flow of design, we praise diverse techniques, blend primitive roughness with pristine surfaces and use natural empathic materials that appeal to the senses. Mexican history is our inspiration for forging new ideas that have substance and meaning.”

Their first collection is Sacred Ritual Objects, a series of hand-crafted pieces, which the studio explain, “reflect how religious and cultural syncretism shaped the expression of Mexican craft heritage. Sacred Ritual Objects explores dialogues between diverse religious beliefs in Mexico and the rituals surrounding those traditions.” The collection has been crafted using volcanic stone, bronze, marble and obsidian. It comprises “Rito” set, a collection of vases and the “Símbolo” collection, a set of book ends. “Alter” tables, inspired by the flat-topped stone used for religious rituals and hand-carved from marble. “Memoria” tables, that explore the dialogue between belief and traditional objects in the artisans daily life.


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