This year has been the fourteenth time that students from the Department of Design at the Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design, University of Bergen (formerly Bergen Academy of Art and Design) were participating at “Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair”. The students presented objects that, in different ways, are based on a project they embarked on together with Region West Correctional Services in Bergen Prison and Bjørgvin Prison.

The collection is composed by objects for the inmate’s sections of the prisons, such as prison cells, the mess hall or visit room, or designed objects that can be made by the inmates in the prison workshop. Some of the students made furniture and objects for domestic situations, such as transitional housing or other post-release housing. The objects that will be shown in the Greenhouse section in Stockholm are full-scale prototypes made by the students, mainly at the Faculty’s workshops. The students that participate are: Astrid Emmerhoff Lothe, Camilla Figueroa, Amanda Ivarsøy Kovács, Kamilla Stokkevåg, Lena Mari Skjoldal Kolås, Madeleine Mikkelsen, Vilde Sæternes Johannesen, Lea Naglestad Sangolt, Frid Smelvær Høgelid, Elisabeth Frafjord Solberg, Tora Schei Rørvik. We will talk more about some of the projects, stay tuned!


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