The project of Paolo Cardini – associate professor at RISD – and Simone Muscolino – Director of the Art Department at VCUQatar Foundation – proposes a new paradigm on “cultural hybrid concepts” and “product identity”. Italy produces goods among the most copied and falsified in the world, the phenomenon takes on the proportions of a real parallel economic system.

Fake in Italy is a collection of inspirational products, experimental objects based on the union of Italian manufacturing excellence and global culture stereotypes. Each object proposes the uses and customs belonging to different cultural contexts, but at the same time, represents the Made in Italy in the early production and technical subjects. Fake in Italy is developed within the triangle created by ideas, processes and materials and promotes dialogue between marble, leather and discursive design (whose main purpose is not commercial but to make people think). Marble and leather materials are a symbol of Italian manufacture. In Carrara marble is extracted, strongly linked to the territory, but today worked with CNC robots that make it possible anywhere. The leather on the contrary, it is still linked to traditional production processes of Italian craftsmanship, it is produced almost exclusively from animals bred in Italy. In this perspective it is difficult to determine whether the raw materials, the human ability, both, or neither of these two factors are the key of the “made in.”
The new paradigm of Fake in Italy aims to alter the perception of the false and establish new parameters for his performance. The Fake in Italy collection wants to encourage debate about the meaning and value of the “Made in …” combining local production with global stereotypes to reflect the hybrid nature of today’s products. 


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