Can you dress a house like a woman?”

In both fashion and design there is an attention to trends (even if in a different way): fashion is periodic and dedicated to seasonality while design is conceived to last and fascinate over time. In the latest years we have seen these two fields mixing, fashion has focused its attention also on the home sphere, presenting new home collections and pushing for collaborations with design firms.


Tuorlo Design Studio & Lisa Habig, Lumaca, 2018


Both fashion and design are created by men for men, but, how to wear design? Or, how to dress a room? To reflect on these topics Tuorlo Design Studio together with young designers, will propose a limited series of pieces on show at Circuito Gallerie Maroncelli District, Milan, from the 16th to the 18th June 2018 (during Milan Fashion Week). For this event, the studio decided not to place other constraints apart from those of the chosen topics, so that every designer can interpret them according to his sensitivity.

Since the protagonists of this event are very young, they do not have special support structures behind them, each of them will invest all the available resources: money, work, time and energy. To help creating the event Tuorlo Design Studio launched a crowdfunding campaign on Support this campaign and help these young talents to realize “Fashion is not a dress”!

Designers: Kasia Nasiłowska, Jei Jessica Russo, Marco De Santi, Claudio Pulicati, Gian Giacomo Borin, Arrigo Bedo, Eleonora Toniolo, Michele Perissinotto, Lisa Habig, Federica Monte, Ivan Lezin.

Artistic Direction: Tuorlo Design Studio


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