Born in Milan, Nick developed a love for calligraphy and art at an early age and started his formal training by studying Architecture and Industrial Design at the Liceo Artistico Bruno Munari in Crema, Italy. After a brief period living in Japan, he moved to New York City and obtained an MFA in Communications Design from the Pratt Institute. He is currently the senior designer at Louise Fili Ltd, where “he joyfully create quintessentially Italian, historically-inspired design and lettering every day.”

Since April 2017 he started a successful passion project called Fauxsaics: a series of mosaics travel-inspired. The interesting aspect is that the mosaics don’t exist, Nick creates hyper-realistic illustrations with different styles – and shoes. Inspired by lettering, interior design, and decorative arts, he was always fascinated by the art of mosaics. With this project he is able to recreate and modernize an old craft technique, contextualizing it to our days. Visit Nick’s page to see more projects and fauxsaics!


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