Dutch artist Feiko Beckers turns the human world upside down by asking seemingly mundane questions that poke at the incredible and beautiful absurdity of the lives we have created for ourselves.

The pile of what has been discarded reaches the heavens. Not just the trash but outmoded ideas, species, romances. Yet more gargantuan is the heap of things never considered or conceived. Grandiose ideas of how to achieve world peace and illumination are jumbled together with a shade of red never worn or a very impractical way of cutting up carrots. A delightful symphony gathers dust next to the desire for growing gardens inside of moving trains. Each article in the stockpile is ennobled by its proximity to the others, their lack of hierarchy. Every time two humans meet, there is a brief instant where the neglected items feel the calling, as if they were about to be drawn into the world. In that moment the pile is a chorus of rejoicing. Later, when its clear that the two bores have stuck to the most threaded path, the unprecedented apprehensions will feel a bit silly and embarrassed, the same way you feel when you mistake a stranger for a good friend.


All Rights reserved to Feiko Beckers

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