FIRST GEAR_ V2 Studios

London-based V2 Studios is a strategic design consultancy that creates innovative and meaningful products, services and experiences. One of their project is First Gear, a minimal eco-friendly toy collection, designed using cork as the primary material, plastic parts made from 100% post-consumer recycled high density polyethylene and 100% recyclable packing printed with soy based dyes.



“These vehicles are programmed in three stages that add functionality and different play patterns as the child masters each skill, from learning the difference between left and right, to precise manoeuvring at high speeds. Beginner mode; hold down button to travel at a set speed of 1mph and with reduced sensitivity of steering as you tilt the controller left and right. Intermediate mode gives you variable speed control of up to 7mph with increased steering sensitivity. Pro mode can reach speeds of 15mph with sensitive steering control and braking…

This self-initiated project was born from direct insight from over 15 years of working with the toy industry. All prototyping and testing including 3D printing and electronics programming was undertaken in-house.”


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