In Lexington, Massachussets, there is neighborhood, The Five Fields, where kids enjoy a shared backyard. The area was designed by The Architects Collaborative as an experiment and the community, wishing to keep the experimental spirit alive, recently requested a structure that had to be both safe and exhilarating for the kids.

“Designing a play structure intended for kids is a unique and challenging project”, the designers explain. “While there are irreducible standards that manage accessibility and function in the daily lives of adults, play is neither standard nor strictly functional.” Brandon Clifford from Matter Design and Michael Schanbacher from FR|SCH Projects designed the original play structure in wood. Thresholds are positioned on different heights but balanced on a single wall. This principle mitigates risk and ensures the correct age-range.

More about the project here!


All Rights Reserved to Brandon Clifford – Matter Design and Michael Schanbacher – FR|SCH Projects

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