FLIPPAPER is a beautiful project by Jérémie Cortial & Roman Miletitch. Have you ever imagined to draw your own flipper?

“No need to be an expert, use big color markers, each of them corresponding to a function (bumper, wall, speed up…), and sketch everything that crosses your mind or come up with an actual gameplay. Press SCAN and start a frenzied pinball game! During your game, add some areas and test your drawing in quest of the ultimate gameplay, refresh by pressing scan, launch the ball, and beat the High-Score !!
Through a drawing language based on analog tools, Flippaper brings virtual and material back together. Explore a new balance between drawing and logic, control and accidents, action and meditation. Synchronize your inner experience to this incredible physical world.”


All Rights Reserved to Jérémie Cortial & Roman Miletitch

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