“Flower House Detroit” is a floral art installation created by some floral designers and the contemporary artist Lisa Waud.

In the third weekend of October 2015 in Detroit, florists filled the walls and ceilings of an abandoned house with fresh flowers and plants. There were 3000 visitors in three days. When the installation weekend finished, the house was deconstructed; the land will become a flower farm and a design center. This installation and its meaning are really important: thanks to its beauty and wonder it tries to communicate us that everything can have a second different life, enriching as many lives as we can. In the book “Flower House Detroit” you can find more details about the project: the installation set up, exclusive photographs of the house and comments from visitors. Love for art, nature, sustainability and respect for the city develop an opportunity and hide the typical nostalgic feeling of abandoned places. The contrast between the cold atmosphere and the joy of the fresh flowers generates something like magic.




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