FOCUS. A selection of projects

After sustainable projects, new materials and MUST-READ selections, today we present a series of FOCUS articles that explore the projects, collections and methods of some studios and designers:

NAOWAO and her 幻想的 realities
NAOWAO (Nao Sakamoto) is a very talented Japanese media artist who constantly experiments looking for new ways to communicate. With a very broad background, she has managed to find a way of expression that blends film direction and architecture. The results are immersive videos that can excite us and make us dream. 

CARRUBA, the Sicilian souvenir by Giuseppe Arezzi
Carruba by Giuseppe Arezzi is a souvenir that represents a rural and authentic South-Eastern Sicily. Far from the recurring Sicilian folklore. Originally from the area, the designer worked on researching this project for about a year and a half to identify a symbol that could best represent the Hyblaean territory…

TIPSTUDIO, where poetry and materiality become one
Co-founded by Imma Matera and Tommaso Lucarini, Tipstudio
 was born from the union of a more poetic-narrative vision of the project with a more material-artistic one. Florentine by adoption, the creative duo operates in different fields of design with an experimental, yet contemporary approach. 

THEMOSSHELTER at Design Antidoto, City Eden
TheMosshelter was created in 2016 by Marco Cesari (1993), a green designer coming from the Agricultural Institute F.lli Navarra, in Ferrara. Making use of what he had learned from his international trips, Marco managed to combine his skills in the world of plants with that of aquariums, starting to create mossariums and terrariums. For the less experienced, it’s an ecosystem in a semi-closed glass container, made with moss or plants. In addition to these, also other typologies such as kokedama and wabi-kusa…


OFFICINE 27 at Design Antidoto, City Eden
Officine 27 produces objects and furnishing accessories in metal material that have nothing to envy to the great design brands. Its characteristic is that its creative laboratory is located inside the Villa Andreino prison, and also functions as a creative space to train inmates…

ILLUMINAZIONI and emerging Design
Speaking about Design Antidoto, City Eden, we mentioned Illuminazioni collective, who curated the exhibition and, with the support of architecture practice Baustudio, regenerated the greenhouse used as location. The recent event is just one of the latest in a series between the cities of Milan and Bologna. An interesting format that is mainly focused on young people and their projects, with the aim of creating bridges between emerging designers and the real world…

THEURBANATIVE, explore African heritage through furniture
Founded by Mpho Vackier, an engineer who has rediscovered herself as furniture designer, TheUrbanative is an multi-award winning contemporary African furniture and product design company, based in South Africa. Their products are characterized by the juxtaposition of abstracted African cultural inspirations with the functionality & look and feel of modern materials, technologies and shapes. The company is guided by the philosophies of craftsmanship, collaboration and the evolution of design and all pieces of furniture are designed and manufactured locally.

WOOD AND LIGHT in the new collection by Isato Prugger
Isato Prugger
 continues the experimentation with wood and light. Presented at the last edition of Edit Napoli, A Straight Tree Has Seen No Storm is the name of the new collection, that along with Studio Lamp comprises 3 other pieces, Studio Lamp Bis, Arcipelago, floor and suspension model, and the Isola wall lamp. All the products are handcrafted by woodworkers from Val Gardena and assembled in the designer’s Milanese studio.


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