FOMO – or “fear of missing out” – is internet slang used to describe the fear of being cut off from the flow of communications generated by social networks, but also a constant feeling of inferiority compared to the material shared on Facebook and Twitter by your friends.

For her diploma project at ECAL, the Switzerland-based multimedia designer Lara Défayes has designed a three-piece survival kit to help with this modern disease. FOMO Survival Kit contains three practical, vibrant red items: a whistle, a compass and a flashlight. Collectively, the survival kit’s whistle, compass and flashlight solve the who, where and when of FOMO.



Information including the location, time and guest list from the user’s Facebook events are analysed and synced to the three objects via Bluetooth. The whistle is designed to read out the guest list of the event on the social calendar. The compass simply directs the user to the location of the event with its red arrow. The flashlight acts as a countdown to let the user know how long they have until the event starts. Contained in an aluminum tin, the urban survival kit is designed to be used without any external help.


All Rights Reserved to Lara Défayes

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