FORMATECA, Helmo @ 121+

Thomas Couderc and Clément Vauchez founded Helmo in 2007, in Montreuil, near Paris. They worked on the design of new languages ​​that would widen the boundaries of graphic design, overcoming the traditional divisions between photography, graphic art, illustration. Helmo disrupts the classic systems of institutional communication by proposing innovative, poetic solutions with a strong visual impact.

Located at via Savona 17/5, Tortona district, Milan, Spazio 121+ is one of Corraini Edizioni shop open to curious and passionate people to offer, in addition to the wide catalog of all Corraini books, design objects collections, temporary exhibitions and a rich calendar of workshops for children and adults, meetings and readings.

In 11 years of evolution, Helmo has reinterpreted and enriched the French tradition of engravings, creating an extraordinary visual repertoire. For Thomas Couderc and Clément Vauchez the creative process is born each time in different forms according to the destination and the nature of the message;

Until the 10th of June, Spazio 121+ presents Formateca, an anthology of the creative production of Helmo, where the works commissioned by institutions are combined with the personal works of the duo, in a large wall composition. The 84 images are not described by words, in order to let the sign and the color speak.


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