Fransje Gimbrère is a multidisciplinary designer, born and raised in Tilburg, the textile city of The Netherlands, and graduated in 2017 from the Man & Identity department at the Design Academy in Eindhoven. She observes and explores the world with profound critical thinking and an intuitive interest for the aesthetics of shape, color, image and material. This ability to monitor draws her into questioning the world as it is.

During the 2017 Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven she presented Standing Textiles,  with which she repurposed natural fibres and recycled plastic as contemporary building components.

“The desire to bring textile into the interior in a different way than we are used to, resulted in a technique that creates fragile looking skeletons, that give the suggestion of a solid volume. The lack of support and hollowness make them seem on the edge of breaking, though their structure is strong and sturdy. They can not only carry themselves, but also the human body. The volumes are built up, thread by thread, on a custom-made weaving loom.  3D-woven configurations are experimentally discovered on the spot. An engaging play of repetition and overlapping lines create an interesting visual interference.”

The three-dimensional structures are delicate at first glance due to their hollowness, yet able to support the weight of themselves and the human body. Those showcased during Dutch Design Week were created using colorful synthetic yarn, offering a vibrant interpretation of Fransje’s concept. Other materials which have been repurposed include bamboo, linen and cotton. More on Fransje’s page


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