Chilean-born Sebastian Errazuriz is showing his Functional Sculptures at David Gill Gallery in London. The artist (previously on WeVux) designed all of the pieces to look like artworks “stolen” from museums such as The British Museum, Le Louvre and the Vatican, and turned into objects for everyday use.

Errazuriz  3D-scanned Greek and Roman statues from museums across the globe, then he digitally manipulated them to create functional furniture using marble, Corian and marble composite.  “I use technology to ‘steal’ classical sculptures I have revered since childhood, claim their shapes as raw material to build my own new works,” said Errazuriz. “It’s an act of gluttony and lust to appropriate that which belongs to the sacred world of the arts and use it freely in an exploration of its boundaries within the realm of the functional and the mundane.”

The collection include a bookcase called Antiquity Shelves Nike, which features a replica of the headless Winged Goddess Nike; Bust Low, a shelving unit propped up by six busts, and also Statuette, a series of “mischievous” paperweights, each in the shape of a penis. Visit Sebastian’s website to know more about this collection!


All Rights reserved to Sebastian Errazuriz

(via dezeen)

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