LZF Lab is a studio founded in 1994 in Valencia, since that time they’ve grown to become one of the world’s most respected boutique lighting companies. Now in 2015, branching out from lighting, LZF Lab worked together with Isidro Ferrer to create Funny Farm, a group of nineteen wooden animals a bit quirky. Isidro is a very talented designer who has been awarded with the National Design Award, the most prestigious prize awarded in Spain to a designer for his career achievement.

LZF and Isidro said about the project- “When we said something, we meant exactly that: something, without briefings, without conditions, with absolute freedom. He accepted and began to brainstorm ideas and study our products.

“…On the one hand, I knew right away that I would use wood and the richness of the colours of LZF’s lamps would be present in the project. On the other hand, I was looking to develop something unique and original, something completely different from what LZF had been doing until then. I began to experiment with the shape and the look of their lamps, and began to play with small wooden pieces inspired by the morphology of their products. My experiments led me to a peculiar, funny family made up of nineteen wooden animals, including, among others, monkeys, a fish with legs, elephants and rabbits”.


All Rights Reserved to LZF Lab and Isidro Ferrer

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