FurNature is “a project to rebalance the relationship between global and local inspiration of the product”, by Ernesto Iadevaia and Lorenzo De Rosa, Sovrappensiero Studio, Milan. The project is “a research that aims to the transformation of indistinct mass products into unique pieces, geographically characterized, with their identity and open to completion by the user” – thinking about the design phase, the process of extraction and transport, production, and the distribution, every object process involves intercontinental actors and displacements.

” We made “incomplete” objects , aesthetically anonymous and stateless, but keeper of a functional intelligence, that can be completed and activated through the addition of natural elements found by the user in a specific location and chosen according to his own tastes, needs and links with the territory. This creates a visible duality in the final object: a minimum component, born from industry, reproducible anywhere, globally distributed and, therefore, daughter of nowhere; and a natural component, unique, daughter of a specific place and stitched on the tastes of the final user, creating a new balance between global and local.”

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