Since 2012, architects Edgar Mazo and Sebastian Mejia have been working together as the architectural studio Connatural. One of their most recent projects is the ‘Garden House’ a 550 meter square property completed in 2017, in the mountainous Antioquia province of Medellin, Columbia.

Connatural explain that their work “explores the dynamic relationship between landscape, architecture and urbanism.” The volumes and structure have been conceived to be structured around a series of garden and patio spaces. Numerous panoramic walkways and windows enable residents to look inwards as much as outwards. Through the use of natural light wood panelling and an abundance of plants, greenery and large rocks, the interior complements and imitates the surrounding environment. A rectangular pool extends from the open plan interior to outside the building, creating a mirrored surface that reflects natural light inside. Like other houses in the area, ‘Garden House’ follows the natural elevation of the landscape, creating a multi-layered and asymmetrical structure that embraces the mountainous terrain.


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All images © Isaac Ramirez Marin

(via ignant)

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