“Gateways was intended to promote Turkish ceramics, but it far exceeded its brief, becoming the visual focus for the whole festival.” Will Wiles, Port Magazine, September 29th 2017

For London Design Festival 2017 Turkish Ceramics collaborated with Adam Nathaniel Furman to design Gateways, a ceramic temporary installation for Granary Square, King’s Cross, consisting of a 4m-high and colourfully-tiled gates that draw people to wander through and experience the rich history of ceramics in Turkey. Adam represented the historic timeline of the Turkish ceramic industry, each of the ‘gates’ represent a different period of history. The first gate references Islamic tradition, using decorative hand-painted tiles that are commonly used in mosques, by the Iznik Foundation; it represents an Islamic motif of paradise. The more contemporary second gate is designed to imitate textures found in nature, while the third structure takes on a more colourful aesthetic with a square tile arrangement that emanates London Underground stations in the 1970s. The last gate features a monochromatic colour palette, complete with rectangular tiles. Below a video from the designer:



All Rights Reserved to Adam Nathaniel Furman and Turkish Ceramics

Photo by Hufton & Crow

(via dezeen)

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