As a keen cyclist, two times hit by a car, I can say this concept, would have saved my left arm and a couple of fingers.

Listening to the music, during your way to work, could be really dangerous if you are riding your bike. In an interview on DeeZeen, Gemma says: ““Eliminating your sense of hearing puts you and others around you at enormous risk, yet I can completely understand the desire to move to music.”

That’s why she has designed a pair of bone-conduction headphones, to be attached to the straps of cycling helmets with silicone claspsThis will allow you to listen to your favorite music, as you can do in a room, with a normal speaker.

Bone-conduction headphones transmit sound vibration to the inner ear through the bones of the skull. This will allow the eardrum to pick up sounds from external noise (other vehicles, pedestrians or other potential obstacles).

The two transducers are placed into a soft neoprene pad, that you can fit into aluminium cases, once you have dismounted the bike.

The headphones were presented at 2015 Show RCS Graduate Exhibition in London, last July.

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