Geoship is a company that creates transformational earth-friendly homes, aims to dramatically alter the housing market. The firm is proposing the creation of domes for social housing that are affordable, energy sufficient, fire and disaster resilient, and extremely long-lasting – with a potential lifespan of more than 500 years.
With its cooperative project “Homes for the Domeless” which was proposed in Clark County, Nevada, this company offers a housing solution for the homeless in the United States, thanks to transition villages made of geodesic domes.

The precast geodesic domes are made using chemically bonded ceramic composites. These bioceramic building panels can be produced rapidly with high quality and low cost. Impressively, the all-ceramic composite homes have a design life of 500 years, are capable of integrating with local ecosystems, optimize health, maximize energy efficiency, and have the potential to revolutionize housing affordability.
These domes would then form a ‘transitional village’, a retreat away from the high intensity city environment where residents can reconnect with community and the natural world. The plans are based on the self-help village-building model developed by the city repair project, an organization that educates communities and individuals to creatively transform the places where they live.
Each transitional village will include 40-80 resident members, with homeless communities fully engaged throughout the process. It is imagined that the villages may be adjacent to one another enabling a combination of long-term supportive housing, short-term supportive housing, and permanent housing. Built outside the city grid system with community-centric design principles, each village is self-managed by the members, with some outside assistance. It is hoped that the village will inspire and uplift its members, while providing a sense of place and belonging.

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