To take rejection and turn it into a labor of love and craftsmanship is a veritable challenge, but US artist Gina Dawson takes it head on and in doing so she creates work that is both cheerful and melancholic.

Came so suddenly, in its downward flow dragged it all away. There was the piled up trash, it came down. There were the constant rejections, so thick they had formed a new layer on top of the walls, they came down too.  It sounds sad and terrible now, but there was a misplaced joy shining through. You saw it in the cheap plastic toys, completely on board for one final watery trip. And it was there in the choreographed way the wallflowers dried down, touching the ground so silently, scared of waking someone up. It was a parade of wonders, a last hurrah for wounded Bigfoot and all the artificial rainbows and puzzle-pieced trouts.


All Rights reserved to Gina Dawson

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