Germans Ermičs was born in Riga (Latvia) in 1985. After studying design in Denmark and completed an internship in Paris, he went to a second internship at Rasmus Koch Studio in Copenhagen. That experience changed his perception of graphic design.

In September 2014 Ermičs started to work by his own in Amsterdam. Using his graphic design background he adds a new and fresh approach to materials. He chooses very simple forms and structures to create optical illusions out of glass and mirrors. As a graphic designer he also tries to find the cleanest and most comprehensible way to use colours. Most of his works starts with colours printed on paper by applying a very thin layer of ink. Then, this ink is transferred onto a special film by using heat and pressure. This film is merged between two layers of glass, becoming almost invisible. It’s a long and expensive process, which is why his series are limited and available only in selected places. His aim is working with materials in order to change people’s perception.


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