Geoffrey Pascal is a French furniture/interior designer graduated with a Bachelor of Art at the Design Academy of Eindhoven. His project “Grafeoiphobia: Unexpected Office” was realized as part of his senior thesis for the Design Academy of Eindhoven. It was, in part, a response to his own aversion to typical workplace setups.

The furniture pieces accommodate positions that people typically assume when working from bed – but in a healthier way. The designs support the body in NASA’s Neutral Body Position: developed to maintain the health of astronauts in zero-gravity, this position distributes a person’s weight evenly across multiple points of the body. This stands in contrast to more usual working environments, where while sitting at a desk weight is concentrated downwards on the lower back. With their forms based loosely upon that of a standard bed frame, the various elements of the collection have been crafted from wood and foam provided by Recticel, a mattress company. They are uniquely modular, so can be reformatted to suit different working positions, allowing users multiple ways to work from “bed”.


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