HABIBI_ Kim Ramain Colomb

Kim Ramain Colomb is a designer, in 2016 she graduated in Industrial Design from ECAL. Currently in London, she works as designer at Studio Mackereth, Architecture studio.

Habibi is her Diploma project, a series of natural cosmetics inspired by the Berber lipstick, which she discovered during a trip to Morocco. The lipstick is a little cosmetic object made of clay covered in «Aker Fassi» pigment. It’s used directly on the lips with a wet finger. When this surprising combination presented itself to Kim, she decided to reinterpret this object by integrating it in a modern context, and incorporating it into our everyday life.

She designed a compact object which skips into our pockets or in our bags ready to use for any moment of the day. All the materials are natural, objects are made in terra-cotta, the packagings which allow to close the object are in paper, and compact powders are a mix of natural products: rice powder, natural talc, karity butter, sesame oil, mineral oxidies and silicats. Habibi means “my love” in Arabic.

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