Heng Balance Lamp is a product that is breaking away from traditions, with a switch in mid-air. It already won the Red Dot Award 2016 and it’s so successful that the project reached in 2 days its goal on Kickstarter and now it has actually collected 25 times more! The goal was 10.000 dollars and the funds are more than 243.000 and they will surely raise.



Li Zan Wen is a Chinese designer and he created Heng in a really simple way, so simple that you wouldn’t believe. There are no tricks: the lamp ($44, on Kickstarter) is simple and made of a wooden frame with a strip of lights embedded and two wooden balls, each attached to a string. The wooden spheres have magnets inside and their interaction pulls a classic and trivial chain, but the final effect feels like magic! More on Kickstarter!


via wired

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