Arriba is an architecture office founded by Filipe Silva Ferreira and José Andrade Rocha in 2016. The office aims to translate ways of life into built reality, with critical thinking and optimism, engaging clients, consultants and builders in comprehensive project development. One of their latest project is the design of Hernâni Cidade Apartment, a minimal residence located in Lisbon, Portugal.

The project is about the transformation of a three bedroom apartment, located on the top floor of a building from the 80’s, into a two bedroom apartment. The building’s structure was the starting point of the project, which allowed the definition of three different cores: the entrance, the private and the social areas. This rational approach gets contradicted in the transitions between (and inside) these areas, where the complexity of carpentries, the manipulation of light, scale and materiality have an important role in the overall.

Photography by Rui Cardoso


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