Phil Cuttance is a designer from New Zealand, based in London since 2009. He’s interested in methods of making and all of his works are handmade in the London Studio. Their complex forms and sharp lines seems to be made using CAD software, CNC maching, or 3D printing, but on closer inspection they reveal tiny imperfections, a result of the handmaking process.

Each piece in the Herringbone collection is handmade: first, Phil created a custom folding pattern which then projected onto a flat sheet material. This material is then folded by hand into a 3D ‘herringbone’ shaped relief. This is used as a flat mold onto which he cast resin and then manipulated by hand into the final 3D form of the piece. From this form Phil cast another mold from which the final Herringbone vases are created.


All Rights Reserved to Phil Cuttance

Photography by Martina Lang and Phil Cuttance

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