HI-RES_Rómulo Celdran

Rómulo Celdran is a Madrid-based artist that was exhibiting a solo booth at Scope Art Basel 2017. HI-RES is the name of the project on show,

a collection of “sculpture and painting that explore visible reality through the analytical lens of 3D computer modelling. HI-RES explore the relationships between the art object that takes visible reality as its point of reference, and the boundaries of verisimilitude between observable reality, art and science.” He explains further: “With HI-RES I would like to show my complete fascination with the 3D virtual world, its capacity for analysis and plasticity, and I intend to use it as a valid reference for pictorial and sculptural creation, and elevate its visual qualities beyond its obvious technical functionalities.”

Visit Rómulo’s page to see more works!


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