The High Desert House is one of the most extraordinary pieces of modernist organic architecture, the property is situated on the edge of Joshua Tree National Park, built on a site overlooking the Californian desert. Every inch of the monumental home was crafted from natural materials by hand; the construction of the building took five years, and the interior, crafted meticulously by famed artisanal designer John Vurgin, took 14 more years.



“The idea was that the house would be settled in the landscape”, explained Kellogg in an interview with T Magazine. “Like it was crouching on the rocks, maybe like an animal asleep.” There are 26 freestanding concrete columns, each one sunk seven feet into the bedrock below to ensure the stability. Sandblasted glass panels connect the columns, creating a ceiling that sheds light during the day, and offers views to the stars at night. Inside, every surface has been designed by Vurgin, every piece of furniture and every fixture.


All Rights reserved to Kendrick Bangs Kellogg

All images by Lance Gerber

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