Born in 1981, José Castro Caldas is an architect that explores the intersections between architecture and woodcraft; one of his latest project is Home|Office, a 40sqm versatile living and working space designed for himself.

Inspired by elements of the arts and crafts movement, the architect has constructed an innovative interior, divided into a private living area and an office that can also be used for social means, with the two sections highlighted by a colourful border. In the work area, Castro Caldas has integrated effective storage solutions, with units and cupboard and drawer fronts in MDF. The bedroom and living room area also feature panels of the same material, creating a visual connection between the two divisions. The architect comments, “The design is a stipulation of geometric proportions from anthropometric measurements,” explaining that his choice of colours “is for not wanting to follow a “minimalistic white” project as well to explore the chromatic range available from the Valchromat material.”


All Rights Reserved to José Castro Caldas

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