Bee Better is a 2016 project by Israeli Industrial Designer Jonathan Cohen: it proposes an innovative method to grow bees at home. The main aim is to bring the bee closer to man by “turning it into a pet”. Jonathan believes that a new design of the hive and a simplification of the profession will allow more people to be exposed to the field, changing their perception about the importance of bees to our planet.

In response to the global phenomenon of “colony collapse disorder” and the prices increase of fruit and vegetables, Jonathan focused his interest on a new tendency: people exposed to the problem are getting used to raise their own beehives on home grounds. He took this concept a step further and introduced the domestic hive, creating a new, wonderful and educational experience in a product which is “a piece of furniture with global values”.

The homehive provides a technological solution for developing a domestic hive in a simple and fun way so that at any given moment it is possible to dive into the amazing world of bees and eat sweet homemade honey. The product is also a solution to the danger of bees extinction: by creating a domestic hive we are able to exponentially increase the number of bees and thus avoid their loss.


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