Bloco Arquitetos was founded in Brasilia by the architects Daniel Mangabeira, Henrique Coutinho and Matheus Seco. The office produces projects of different scales and programs, from homes and buildings to interiors and temporary facilities. Bloco shares the understanding of urban space as a result of the continuous interaction between small, medium and large size constructions. Therefore, each work starts from the reflection on its place in the city.



In 2017 the studio realized House 711H, located in Plano Piloto, a derelict, underused and potentially dangerous area for pedestrians. With the aim to recover the activation of the green strip that is adjacent to the house, Bloco proposed a model that uncovers the front yard and transforms it into a green space that can be directly connected to the green public strip, also allowing for direct connection to the service street through the house itself.

“All the structure in the ground floor is made of laminated steel beams and columns. Here the structural concrete blocks are used only as partitions, while in the second floor it also works as structure, for reasons of cost. The roof shape is generated by an imaginary line connecting the highest point that is officially allowed for the constructions in the neighborhood to the slighlty sloped roof of the construction on the other side, which defines a stepped wall with two roofs with different inclinations…”

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