House Fabricscape is a minimal residence located in Osaka, Japan, and designed by ninkipen!. The site faces the old shopping street where many stores have already been closed and replaced with three-story homes, with pedestrian-only road signs and storefronts. Ninkipen!’s aim was to design a house based on the scenery and actions of the past.

Firstly, the first floor facing the old shopping street was opened like a townhouse, with a dirt floor and a small awning embroidered with agricultural cloth. In addition, a second piece was hung from the gutter to cover the windows on the second floor and hide their presence.
House Fabricscape ‘s outer wall uses the same material as the surrounding dwellings, ceramic siding. The second floor rooms are placed in a nested pattern: in the center there’s an empty volume to divide the dining room and bedroom, while the kitchen work space doubles as a corridor to save space. The loft was set up as a space for the future: it could be both a master bedroom and a children’s room.

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Photography by Hiroki Kawada


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