Dash Marshall is a multi-disciplinary design studio that recenlty completed the project “House for Grandparents”:

Dash Marshall says about the project: “For a pair of empty nesters who are often visited by their kids and grandchildren, we were asked to do two things. First, to rationalize the floor plan to make it better for entertaining. Second, to “just make it new already arghhhhh! An existing 30-yr old farmhouse was used as an exterior shell and the interior was renovated like Theseus’ ship, piece by piece, until it was totally new.”

The studio started with the rituals. Arriving, cooking, eating, lounging, celebrating, bathing, sleeping. After analyzing each and discussing the residents, they designed specific responses. The architectural language developed by Dash Marshall pays its respects to the Missions of California, the vernacular metalwork of central coast farms, and Aalto’s use of wood, warm and crisp. A mixture of fir, white oak, and walnut are used to add richness to reductive forms.


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