Opened last month, IK Lab is located in the luxurious eco-friendly Azulik resort, on the coast of Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula. The project came about when Santiago Rumney Guggenheim, a descendant of the famed Guggenheim family and a Tulum local, suggested the resort’s founder and designer Jorge Eduardo Neira Sterkel to open an art gallery.

Sterkel’s design for IK LAB aims to follow the environmentally friendly ethos of the holiday destination. The gallery is built with cement and locally sourced wood. The structure is characterized by organic forms, tree branches with an uneven canopy cover the exhibition space. Natural light floods in through a number of round windows, in varying shapes and sizes. The undulating floor is made with bejuco wood, a local vine-link plant, and segment of cement

Santiago R Guggenheim curated the first exhibition at the IK Lab. Called Alignments and opened on 20 April 2018, it features work by artists including Tatiana Trouvé, Artur Lescher and Margo Trushina.


All Rights Reserved to Santiago Rumney Guggenheim and  Jorge Eduardo Neira Sterkel

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