Studio Swine (Super Wide Interdisciplinary New Explorers) is an art collective established in 2011 by Alexander Groves (UK) and Azusa Murakami (JP).  Their work straddles between the spheres of sculpture, installations and cinema, blending poetry and research into immersive experiences. Their latest installation is Infinity Blue (∞ Blue) a 9 meters tall tower weighing almost 20 tonnes:



Infinity Blue is an immersive installation that pays homage to the cyanobacteria, one of the world’s smallest living beings. Around 3 billion years ago, cyanobacteria first developed oxygenic photosynthesis. In doing so, they changed the nature of our planet. The sculpture is a monument to their vital creation, which continues to provide the oxygen in every breath we take.

On the surface of the monument, Cornish clay and oxide glazes reflect local mining history. The textural pattern on the ceramic tiles are generated by reaction-diffusion algorithm found in nature from zebras to coral. From the sculpture, 32 vortex cannons fire smoke rings whose scents tell a layered history of the earth’s atmosphere. Studio Swine collaborated with Paris perfume house Givaudan to develop fragrances inspired by the aromas of primordial worlds.

(Infinity Blue) 2018
Ceramics, steel, robotics, fog, scent
Height 8.5m x Width 4.4m x Depth 4.4m


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