GMUNK is one of the top visual and design directors in the world, he has worked for clients such as Vice, Adidas, Audi and Vimeo, light installations for TrueCar and Twilio, as well as music videos for Tycho, Eric Prydz, and concert visuals for Beck and Bacardi Live. Here’s one of his latest project involving an inspiring adventure in Alaska, a custom modified Full-Spectrum FujiFilm X-T1 IR, a grip of LifePixel Super-Color Infrared Filters and some Vintage Nikon Manual Focus lenses.

“During the Summer of 2016, Munko embarked on an Inspiring Adventure up the Best Coast of the United States – traveling pretty much as far north as it goes.. Venturing on a small Vessel, he toured and photographed the incomparable Tracy Arm Fjord in Juneau Alaska, and captured it’s picturesque landscapes in Full-Spectrum..”

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