INFRAORDINARY, Michaela Vrbková

Michaela Vrbková is a Czech artist, her brutalistic drawing are based on a constructivist and geometric abstraction, and her work is characterized by the will to go beyond the drawing, experimenting in space, paying attention to the aesthetics of the exhibition space.

In her art we can find a great emphasis on the environment she sets her pieces in, as well as on the architecture itself. The author is faithful to the medium of drawing but she often finds new ways to break from the flat territory of paper. In her project Outside the White Cube (2017) she customized the space of a loft gallery: she created a classic exhibition space of a “white cube” only to disrupt it by exhibiting her works outside instead of inside. Her installation Site Specific Floor Design (2014) was even more radical: she used the Aula gallery space for a large format drawing by a clear adhesive tape right on the gallery floor.

Her current project is Infraordinary, a site specific project + spatial drawings, exhibited at Gallery U divokého muže, Mikulov, Czech Republic. Infraordinary will be open until the 30th of September.


Michaela Vrbková, Infraordinary, 2019. Instalation, hooks, building string
Michaela Vrbková, Infraordinary, 2019. Instalation, hooks, building string

In Infraordinary, Michaela Vrbková continues to challenge the convention of a planar presentation of drawings. She retrospectively observes the current state as well as the past of the building U divokého muže and the PIRSC Porcelain manufacture. Nowadays, all the layers of its past blend and at times create an unwanted yet remarkable architectonic collage. Michaela captures these almost postmodern moments in her drawings she later installs back into the same space. By using architectonic details, she deciphers the place’s history.

As an alternative motive of her research she chooses restoration probes that she figuratively transfers onto the opposite wall. She connects the original probes with their transferred opposites using threads evoking a drawing line. This spatial drawing, the emerging object, creates a specific monument for this space. The installation also carries several features of the author’s handwriting: drawing line is freed from the plane, it denies traditional linear and vertical structures. She accents rhythmical layering of individual lines by using bright colors. Thanks to the resulting intervention we perceive the space we find ourselves in from a different, involved position.

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All Rights reserved to Michaela Vrbková

Photo by Dana Nizri
Graphic design by Ondřej Homola

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