A-Z West is a huge experiment by A-Z art studio, it’s located in the California high desert and developed by Andrea Zittel (1965), American artist. In 2000 she left Brooklin and she bought the land in Wonder Valley (California desert), choosing to live in this difficult place and make art in a community far away from everything.

A-Z West site consists of 10 spartan sleeping pods called “Experimental Living Cabins,” intended for solo visitors who want to stay away from everybody for a while. Since it’s inception A-Z West has functioned as an evolving testing grounds for living. By creating this place, Zittel wants to find a sort of answer to questions “How to live?” and “What gives life meaning?”. This is also a research centre about life in general, with ceramic and weaving workshops set down in natural surroundings. Artist says:”I have always been into the modular aspect of shi pping containers. Whenever someone has too much stuff in their house they get a shipping container and dump it all in there. My work has always addressed freedom – or the illusion of it – and I think I’m now coming face to face with the moment where one has to accept limitations and create structure and meaning out of life as it is”.


All Rights Reserved to Andrea Zittel

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